Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tip - Start Small

You've decided you want to make a quilt.  All the stars are aligned, and it is finally the time to learn a new skill.  You look at your bedroom, and think it needs an updated bedspread.

Ah ha....I can make a new quilt for my bed....comes streaming through your mind.


This may very well be the way you start, I know I did.  But as I look back, I think I really could have benefitted from making a few small quilts first.  Why?  On a small quilt, you can learn a lot in a hurry.  Learning about binding, marking, quilting, piecing, and patience all comes a little quicker.  Also, it is cheaper to learn on less fabric, and then save the bigger projects for when you have a little experience under your belt.

You want to learn a certain block, setting, technique...whatever...start small.  You can always make a bigger quilt tomorrow.  Plus, little quilts are always so fun to give to a baby. 

 Don't you just love those babies?

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