Thursday, April 29, 2010

Geometric Gems Review and Give Away

Geometric Gems: Quilts from Diamonds, Circles, and Squares

There's this pile of books sitting on my desk waiting for me to review.  Of course,
I have looked through every one of them, and picked out my favorites, and picked out future projects.   But, I need to review them, so you sweet people can gets books that fit your needs and will inspire you.  

Geometric Gems is a nice short (47 pages) quilting book.  Geometric Gems: Quilts from Diamonds, Circles, and Squares, is only $12.91 from Amazon.  There are seven quilts to choose from, all featuring graphic shapes. There are tumbling blocks, diamonds, circles, rectangles, etc.    And, although some of the quilts look complicated, Cathy Wierzbicki has made the process simple.

Go to Geometric Gems: Quilts from Diamonds, Circles, and Squares to look at all the quilt designs, and see if it inspires you.  Remember...look at the quilts with your own artistic eye, change the color combos to fit your style!

Do you want to win this book? 
 If so, please leave a comment with your name, and favorite quilt from Geometric Gems: Quilts from Diamonds, Circles, and Squares.     Don't forget to return to check the winner (it could be you).  I'll announce the winner next Tuesday (May 4).  Good luck.

Want more chances to win?  Put the give away on your blog and I'll give you 5 more chances to win.  Let me know in your comments you put it on your blog!


  1. I like the first one for its uniformity, the grey tones and diamond shapes. It almost looks Native American in those colors. I also like the last on in the row, the square in the square, with the quotes. (i"m guessing they are quotes since they are too small to read for me)

  2. OOO!! A giveaway! I like quilts that involve circles and there is a good one in that book. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Using the random number generator, Paula is the winner. Send me your address, and I'll send you the book.