Friday, July 1, 2011

Everyone Needs a Potholder

While in my hometown, I like to do a little quiltin'.  This time, my sister Brooke (pictured below in the brown), asked me to do a little class for her ward.    Who knew there would be over 20 people in this class?  Not me, but what a great surprise.  

We spent 2 hours learning about cutting, piecing, pressing, and quilting. A potholder is the perfect little quilt to learn all the steps in making a quilt.  

And, to get it all done in 2 hours is pretty great.

I was sincerely shocked and awed, in how well these women did.  Some of them had never ever machine quilted before, and yet still did some amazing machine quilting.  WOW.  

I have no idea how many of them will become addicted to this past time we all love, but I have a small hope that someone was introduced to their "great love."  Non-romantically, of course!