Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip- Iron vs. Press

Are you feeling crazy?   Ahhhh, life seems so super busy right now.  Hopefully, all of you are getting a few moments to work on some creativity.  I know that even when my life seems UBER-hectic, the few minutes I spend being creative certainly fills my bucket.

Today's tip is on Ironing vs. Pressing.

So, what's the difference?  What's the point?  Why do you care?

What's the difference?

Ironing is what we do to our clothes to make them wrinkle free.  We SLIDE that iron around on our clothes to make them neat and straight.

Pressing is what we do when we are sewing a project.  You place the iron down on your fabric, then lift it up, and press it back down in short intervals.  You repeat this process, overlapping as you go.

What's the Point?

We want to press our fabric when making projects...not iron.  When we iron, we distort the fabric.  This then makes the blocks skewed, and our quilts are not precise.

Why do you Care?

We care, because we are making something with our hands and our hearts, and we want it to be the best it can be.  Plus, it is SOOOOOO much easier to piece something together when all the blocks are the same measurement, and SQUARE (instead of a rhombus).

Next time you are working on a project, pay attention to the way you press your seams, blocks, etc.  Are you ironing or pressing?  
  Maybe you can go make a couple test blocks, and see the difference...it will convert you!

Have A Happy Day!

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