Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digital Card Tutorial

Using digital cards is really fun and easy.  I have provided three free Christmas cards for you all to use as you will. There is a new one this year, Blessed.  Anyway, back to the tutorial.

Download here.

1.  Download the .png file from the website.  This is more than just copying it from my blog, you must download the file as a .png for it to work for you.

2.  Use a program that work with a .png file.  I use Photoshop, but PSE works too, as well as picasa and paint.

3.  The cards are like physical layers, imagine you are really scrapbooking.   Put your photos beneath the .png overlay.    You can change the order of your photos and the card by dragging the side bar (as shown in the illustration below).

4.  Once you have completed your cards, upload them to costco.com,  (upload them at the slower speed), and then print.

The internet is a great resource.  I have learned the majority of my photoshop skills from researching it on the internet.  If you have questions, play on google, be patient.  Ask friends, ask me, ask on internet forums, ....there are some great resources out there.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas.

I have changed this card to be blank where the year is.  You can simply use the type tool to add the year to the card.  I typed mine in white, an then changed the opacity a bit.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This time of year...

I always forget how incredibly busy November is.  For me, it almost feels busier than December.  How is that?    There are family pictures to take, christmas cards to make for our own familly, and Christmas cards to make for others.  There are neighbor gifts to plan, and make, and sweat over. 

Plus, for me, November is a crazy time for my calling (Stake Primary Music Leader).  A new year means new music, new training for the ward choristers, and going to all the wards Primary Programs in our stake.  So wonderful, and a little busy.  Luckily, we just finished making our Christmas gifts for all the wards, and my gifts for the music leaders are half finished.  Should I be sewing those now instead of writing on this blog?  
Don't understand what I am talking about: go to mormon.org

All this to say....this time of year is busy.  We are all preparing for the end of the year.  Closing out this year, and beginning new projects, giving gifts, and being grateful for all we have.  It's an awesome time of year isn't it?  Maybe you need a little ME time.  Perhaps you would like to immerse yourself in fabric, thread, and a new pattern?  If you aren't too busy doing all the crazy things that happen in November...maybe you can join me in a little ME time.

 ARE YOU TOO BUSY?  If you have a couple hours to spare, would you like to JOIN me?  I am lecturing and teaching a class for the Green Valley Quilters guild on Nov. 18 (lecture) and November 19 (class).  If you can join us, you TOTALLY should.  Here is the guilds website.  They meet at the American Legion building at 

1560 W. Duval Mine Rd., Green Valley, AZ

The class is at Friends in Deed
301 W. Camino Casa Verde

I will be teaching my Dripping Diamonds quilt starting at 9 a.m.  We are going to have a BLAST!   If you would like to take the class, please contact Green Valley Quilt Guild, and they can set you up.  See you soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Here's hoping your Halloween was as awesome as Pooh Bears!

Now onto the ....Holidays.  I'm in the middle of working on gifts for friends, neighbors, church friends, family, and working on the second book.  I have no idea if the second book thing will happen, because life is well....FULL.  Happily, and awesomely.....FULL.

Full of JOY!