Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camera Strap Cover Tutorial and Give Away

I have seen these cute camera strap covers around, and loved them.

We all like making things we use all the time a little prettier.  I had a great idea to make these reversible, so you could turn it inside out and have even more fun.  Practicality won out, there is no way anyone would want to turn this thing inside out more than you have to.  It would be better to make two of them.  So, my fun ideas flew out the window, and I give you a basic camera strap cover.

Oh, yeah, the give away.  Here's the deal, you want a camera strap cover without having to make it?  Leave a comment telling me your name,  and the camera you use (it doesn't have to be a DSLR).  I will enter your name in the drawing. List the giveaway on your blog (and say so in your comments), I will give you 5 more chances to win.  Sound good?  For every 100 entries, I will give 1 strap.  So, even if I get thousands of comments (yeah right), you still have a pretty okay chance of winning.

Contest closes on tax day, April 15, 2010.

Want to donate to a good cause?  Donate at least $25 to great strides, and I will send you a camera strap cover.  Read more here.

Materials for Camera Strap Cover

2 strips  2 1/2 x 27"  - fun fabrics
1 strip 4 1/2 x 27" white fabric

***my strap was 1 1/2 x 22"

Sew the two fun strips together, and press the seams.

Sew the top and bottom of the fun strip to the white strip, right sides together.
Turn right side out, press seams. 

Fold fun strips 1/2" over onto white fabric, and stitch down (I stitched two lines).

Fold fun strips long ways, matching the raw edges.  Stitch together leaving a space in the middle unstitched to turn the thing right side out. **** If you want to stitch it closed it is fine, it will just be a bit harder to turn it right side out.

Turn right side out, and press flat.  Press open seams in and top stitch on each side of the strap.  

Happy Day, all is well, you have a new and pretty camera strap.


  1. My camera is a Canon Rebel Xti. I would love to have a camera strap for it!

  2. Hi! My name is Emily, and I have a Canon Rebel xti.
    Thanks for the tutorial, as I tried to make one of these already, and totally biffed it up. Any ideas of how to put a lens cap holder on it? I've seen those on Etsy, tried it, and it was too small. I guess I'm not good enough to figure it out myself...

  3. Emily,

    The lens cap holder will be hard since the cap in wider than the strap. A couple ideas are to make the strap wider, or use a stretchy fabric for the lens cap holder (you could use the minky blinky). If you do choose to do the lens cap holder, give yourself an extra inch in the measurements to allow for the extra bulk of fabric.

  4. I finally got a nice camera a few months ago. Made myself a camera strap but messed it up a bit. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  5. Due to overwhelming all win. Send me your address and I'll send you a cover.

  6. These are super cute! sorry I was not more on top of checking blogs... Looking forward to future giveaways!