Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tip- Break it Up

Do you feel strapped for time?  Do you wish you could quilt, but seriously can't find the time? 

All I have to say is, AMEN!  We are all busy.  Maybe not everyone is busy, but I haven't met a person who doesn't feel busy.  We are all at different stages, but we all have demands on our time.  Right now, with a sweet little baby lovin' me, and 3 other bigger babies, I only have 20 minute blocks of time.  Not much.  

Now, I am lucky, I have a sewing room.  I leave my projects out, and just close the door.  That is helpful.  What I do, is break up my projects into bite size pieces.  The project I am showing you now is a new pattern I am working on.  I wish I could bust this quilt out in a weekend, but this is not the season of my life to be able to do that.  I simply work on it a little at a time.  

Here are the steps I break my project into:
piecing (again)
piecing (again)
layout the configuration
make some more blocks to make it "just right"

Not only do I actually get a little creative juices flowing each day (which brightens and lightens my heart), I get something done.  Who doesn't love feeling like they accomplish something. With all the laundry, meals, driving, and cleaning we do, isn't it nice to have a little something constructive.  Something tangible?  So, what if you aren't getting it done quick?  You are using your time well by creating something beautiful in those rare, but lovely couple of minutes of freedom.

Try it today.  Carve out 15-30 minutes to do something creative.  Plan a quilt.  Start cutting.  Iron something (not clothing).  Piece a block.  I promise, your heart and brain will thank you.

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