Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can it BE?

Can it be true? Yes, that is my submission. All wrapped up special for the publisher. I got this special little package out the door last Wednesday at about 4:45 p.m. after busting my chops to finish up before I left on vacation. You wouldn't believe the joy I felt as I left the post office. I turned up my radio, danced the only way a pregnant lady can dance, and sang as loud as I could. The editing process now stands before me, but it is out of my hands for the moment, and I couldn't be more pleased. I keep hoping this book will actually help someone find a love for quilting. I hope the tips/tricks/patterns will inspire others to fall in love with fabric, design, and quilting. Or, at least I hope people can find some joy in making some more contemporary and fun quilts.

A great big special thanks to these two beautiful ladies, for helping me finish up the book. My mom came into town for a few days, and she took it upon herself to trim up, iron, and prepare my quilts for their pictures. Her help really gave me the extra push I needed to get this "baby" out the door. Thanks, Mom, for your hard work. And Nana Laura, what a Saint. Thanks to her I was able to have 1 child-free day each week, where I could work without being interrupted. I know this process would have been much harder if Nana Laura weren't so wonderful by taking my kids to countless swim lessons, and teaching them the joys of making chocolate cake in a sandwich maker. Thanks to the Mom's....I sure love ya!