Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Tip- Rotary Cutting

This post is NOT for the faint of heart.

I thought I might start with the proper way of cutting while using a rotary cutter.  When cutting, always use a ruler and cut along it's edge.   Hold the ruler firmly, while standing, and have at least one finger off the ruler, holding it firmly in place (as pictured above).

NEVER EVER sit down while cutting.  Even if you are pregnant, working on a quilt for a friend, and you have a deadline.  Even if you are exhausted.  Even if you only have one more square to true up.  If you are tired, walk away. Come back later when you are fresh.  Those blades are seriously sharp.  I'm not kidding.  Close your blades each time you take a slice. I'm not kidding.  I have experienced, and seen others experience serious cuts.  BE CAREFUL.

Yes, this is my finger.  Six years ago, while pregnant with my third child, I sliced part of my fingertip off.   The cutting part didn't hurt, but not having my fingertip sure hurt.  I couldn't even have drugs either...I was pregnant.

What happened.  Squaring up my last block, I got tired, sat down to cut, and as I was slicing away, the rotary cutter jumped onto the ruler, and sliced my finger.  Ouch.  The worst part was when I saw my fingertip fall on the cutting mat.  Not happy, pretty, or smart.  

See, aren't you glad you visited my tutorial today.  You feel so bright and cheerful now, don't you?

Hopefully, you feel more aware.  And maybe, just maybe, this tutorial saved your fingertip.


  1. Oh no!! Poor you :( So true though. I had that happen...the blade coming up on my ruler, not the cutting my fingertip part. How's your finger these days??

  2. That is awful. My mom and I were just having this conversation about the dangers of rotary cutting the other day and then I find your post supporting our discussion. Funny. Did your finger grow back okay? I don't know if my stomach will be the same after looking at the picture...

  3. My finger is fine now. It took about 2 years for it to grow back. The nerves that were cut off, are well,...gone. So, it feels weird. But, luckily, all is well on the finger front!