Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Silhouette

copyright Martingale Publishing

One of my favorites, this quilt is such fun to make.  

Your large scale fabrics are made to be admired, and they can do that with this pattern.  All this quilt takes is great fabric, and some border magic.  This quilt took me one day to complete, and the fun fabrics had me smiling the whole time.  I kept making quilts, and giving quilts, with this pattern away to friends and loved ones.  I couldn't keep any "in stock" to send away to the publishers.  

So, I had to whip this one up.

copyright Martingale Publishing

What if you wanted to make a big quilt?   That's how the quilt below started...with a large cut of red and white fabric.  I loved how that quilt ended up.  Of course, I made that quilt a little more complicated....I made both the white border and red scalloped border with mulitple whites and reds joined on a 45 degree angle.   I love how this quilt is so simple, and so intricate as you look closer.

Almost any quilt pattern can be made more intricate or more simple, depending on the choices you make.  As you make any quilt, I hope you can look at it with open eyes.  How would the quilt look if you added features?  What would happen if some features were left out?  Each quilt you make is yours.  The choices you make with fabric, quilting, placement, etc.. make the quilt your very own.  

Develop your own style, and LOVE it.

copyright Martingale Publishing

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