Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Martingale - Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe (Print version + eBook bun

I got this cute book in the mail the other day.  And since I really enjoy modern quilts, I was drawn to this book.  As I leafed through this book, I was happy to find, that I am drawn to all of these quilts.   Every one of these quilts is up my alley.  They are visually interesting, yet they are clean, and simple in design.    I love the look of each quilt.  I laughed a little when I saw some of the designs, and know that I have sketches in my "quilts to make" book, that look very similar.  {I guess I need to quilt a little more, and get my sketches into real fabric.}

Petal Pod {Twin Fibers}- so cute, so simple
Candy Necklace {Freshly Pieced}- fun design, that provides a little more of a challenge
Everything is Coming Up Rainbows {Spotted Stones}- I love everything about this quilt.  It's close to being normal, but just enough different that you want to keep looking at it.  Such a fun quilt.

This book is perfect for a beginning quilter who has a little bit of experience.  If you are looking for in depth instructions, this book may leave you wanting for more.  But, if you have a few quilts under your belt, this book definitely provides enough instruction to help you knock out a bunch of cute fabulous modern quilts.