Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ode to Fabric

Hello Fabric.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love you.  I love stroking you, imagining what you might become.  I dream of ways to make you dance and play with the stacks of other fabrics beside you.  I dream of one day having not only one huge shelf of fabric, but two, or maybe three, why quit there, maybe four.  I have my favorites of course, I lean towards loving those Moda's, there are so many fabulous Moda fabrics, and the weave is fabulous.  AHHH, silky, beautiful, soft, and PERFECT.  But, then, how can I forget Freespirit...with Joel Dewberry, and who doesn't love Amy Butler.  Okay, so I just love fabric.  I imagine a time (maybe in heaven), where time is not an issue, and I can accomplish all my fabric dreams without having to do laundry,  or make dinner, or do my church callings, or even sleep.  Until then, I shall love the sight of you, and I'll pull you off the shelves to stroke you.  Someday,  I will have a little more time to give you the attention you truly deserve.  Until then, sleep tight.


  1. And dont I agree..... the tender moments we share and inspiration you encourage. You, oh lovely lovely fabric....

    Super cute and LOVING the new blog layout :)

  2. This only mildly creeps me out. Sarah, we need to get out of the house pretty soon. You're too close to the situation!