Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovin' the mess

This is my life lately.  Messy.  My desk is stacked with papers, rulers, tape measures, pens, peanut m&m's, dove chocolate, checks I should have cashed already, cups of water (half full, of course), templates, and little tokens of love from the kids.  Cleaning day at our house is every Friday, but this little corner of our home is ignored.  This is organized chaos.  I wouldn't want to lose my place, or a small template piece.  I certainly have tried to stay organized, and be Martha perfect.  Alas, I am not Martha.  I do the best I can, I write portions of the book whenever I have a free moment, and then I am pulled away to cure cuts, kiss cheeks, clean up spills, fix lunches, do laundry, make dinner,  and to tear apart fighting little munchkins.   

My favorite part is that I have about 5 different spiral notebooks filled with random thoughts, measurements, and directions.  Hmmm, I must really love sifting through all my writings.  But, we're getting closer.  I just finished my 11th pattern.  One more pattern to go!!!!!!!!  After that, there is still tons of work to do, but I am on the path.  At the start of this journey I could barely see how in the world I could accomplish all the tasks that lay at my feet.  I am so grateful for everyone who has prayed for me (my sweet kids pray for me and my book almost every night), or has babysat for me, or who has happily been neglected by me....  I might actually accomplish this goal!

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