Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After the perfect Mothers Days weekend (Bj took the kids while I stayed home and finished quilting 2 more quilts), we have realized that maybe we should have spent the weekend home snuggled in our beds.  Our little ones, were recovering from being sick...but after this weekend, they experienced a full relapse.  I spent last evening in Urgent Care with miss Liz with croup treatments, and my Maddie and Mitchell have missed more school in the last 2 weeks than they have all year.  They are all home with me right now, and the fun never ends.  Yesterday I had many dreams of getting one more quilt quilted as well as one chapter written.  Alas, I spent the day with a nebulizer, coughing kids, and a contracting belly.  For some reason, after the kids were all tucked in their beds and finally asleep I was too exhausted to do anything useful with myself.  Ah well, these little "bumps" in my road will definitely come, but I am hoping the experience will make the book even better.  I can dream right?


  1. Wow a book? That is amazing! You certainly have added a lot to your plate with that and the pregnancy. Good luck with all of it. Even though I am not a great seamstress I will be looking for your book when it is published. Again CONGRATS on all of your recent amazing blessings. And, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. Sarah - sorry about the sick kids. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  3. I remember when Cooper became a regular in the E.R... it was that midnight to two a.m. hour when we played the "is he going to totally stop breathing" game. Fun! Oh yes, and Emma has had her share too. Luckily our nebulizer has kept us out of the hospital, at least so far. Sorry the kiddies are sick :(