Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-wound Bobbins

After going through a dozen of the evergreen color in just 2 days, I thought I might write a little tribute to the prewound bobbin.  Oh, how I love them.  Why????  Who knew that bobbins could inspire thoughts of love and admiration.  Well, the first and most obvious reason is that I don't have to wind the bobbin myself.  This, in and of itself, saves me a few precious minutes.  Second, and most importantly, more thread is wound on these babies, and that means more time sewing, less time changing those pesky little "beauties."  Seriously, when you are doing quilting on a big project (like I am right now), who wants to deal with moving that big quilt on and off the machine more than you have too.    I was hesitant to use prewound bobbins, thinking they might cause my fabulous machine some issues.  Ahhh, no way.  I use these babies from Superior Threads (100% cotton), with the cardboard (instead of plastic).  Love it.  Just peal the card board off, throw the bobbin (bare) into the case, and I am ready to go.   So, if you are a sewing fanatic (or you just sew sometimes) try these out, you may fall in love.  


  1. Funny you should blog about one of my loves---pre-wound bobbins, especially Masterpiece thread. In fact, just today, I was able to get my hands on one of each set of "Frostings" (one bobbin of each color in the Masterpiece line) . I put them in one of those round rubber type bobbin holders. Is is great for hand applique . Love the bobbins!

  2. IM waiting on pins and needles to see everything!! :)

  3. Okay, I don't quilt, but I dream of quilting...sigh. I do sew though and I totally love prewound bobbins! I am always soo sad when I am so close to the end and the bobbin runs out...or when I haven't noticed the bobbin has runned out. Haha. I can't wait to see everything you have been working on!