Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Remake Your Table for Almost Free

A few months ago I was sidelined with a surgery that had me out of commission for 6 weeks.  Nobody likes to be out of commission.  After 2 weeks I was itching to get something done.  Even though I had just barely started driving again, I thought.."I can totally paint a table and chairs."

Sometimes I am not the brightest.

So, I gathered the family and sent them to take the chairs apart and carry the furniture outside.  They are my awesome helpers.

I found this little tutorial on pinterest, and used the recipe that used Plaster of Paris.

It was pretty easy.  Just light coats of paint.  Dry.  Sand.. And Repeat.

Next was time for distressing.  I mean really, these were going to get distressed either way.

Covering the table and chairs with PolyAcrylic was next on the menu.  It was easy to do.  And I was pretty excited to get it done.  Even though this project wasn't hard, it wasn't fast.  And I am a fast worker.  Mostly, just really impatient.  Plus, I got really tired, really fast.  Maybe painting while recovering from surgery wasn't my very best idea ever.   (but it was still fun to have it done)

The chairs definitely needed another cover.  In keeping with the idea of having this be "free" I went to my stash of fabric.  Pulled out a few vinyl covered fabrics and let my 14 year old choose.  I think she did a pretty amazing job.

I was pretty thrilled to have a staple gun at this point.  I've tried with with a manual staple gun before, having a pressurized one was AMAZING.  So fast.  I got these covers done in about an hour.

It was all finished!!!

What do you think?  Maybe you can make something for free, from the leftovers in your house too....
What will you create today?


  1. Looks great! I need to redo my table & chairs once the weather gets warmer. I'm not changing the colors but after nearly 9 yrs the top needs to be resanded & stained & the chairs need to be repainted.

  2. I am sure your table and chairs are lovely, and whatever you touch becomes amazing, so I can't wait to see what you do!