Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For the love of...

Holy Bananas...

Today is my work day.  The day I have scheduled to get some sewing done, I have a long list of wants, and a fairly long list of needs, in my sewing room. I have some deadlines looming for magazines and books, and yet....NO TIME for that.  Nothing.  There were other needs more important.  I have had no time to do the work I have scheduled.  I have the 10 minutes, right here, right now, before my next thing.  Maybe I should clean up the dinner dishes, nah, my hubby can do that (when he gets home later).

Why do I do this then?  Why am I even trying to keep this blog updated, if I really am so short on time?  Why do I try to take on more quilting.  More this, or more that.

Well, the truth is, I love it.  I love quilting.  Each time I actually do sit down to quilt, I love it.  I love feeling connected, well, to myself.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I take something from concept to completion.  I love being alone.  I love the solitude, and quiet, and the hum of the sewing machine. I love the creative juices that flow.  I love all of it.  And, really, I just want to share that love with others.  Maybe someone else in the world is just like me, or a little like me, and could use an outlet that centers them.  Maybe the tips and tricks I share could actually help another person have a pretty fantastic day.

We are all busy.  I remember thinking when my kids were younger that life would be easier when they were older.  Uh,...wrong.  Now I understand that each stage is hard, in different ways.  We each have different responsibilities and different priorities.  Whatever we choose to do, we do for LOVE.  The love of family, of friends, of peace, of God, of work, and even sometimes for the love of self.  We grow people, we shape people, we build companies, we inspire, we solve problems, we create joy.  Whatever we do, I hope we love what we do.

May you find a little love today.

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