Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Awesome, Fast, and Inexpensive Headbands Tutorial

This weekend I spent some time making headbands for my girls.  My own girls, and the young women I serve at church.  This was really no big deal.  And certainly, if you sew at all, you may already know how to make these things. But, why not share the love, right?

First of all, do you all know the hidden gem that is Tuesday Morning?  They have tons of stuff, like dishes, sheets, pillows, toys, luggage, decorating items, etc.   But did you know, they kind of have some amazing goodies in the craft department.  And honestly, they are always a good deal.  The stock on hand changes all the time, so going often is important.  Sometimes I find things I love, sometimes I walk away empty handed.

I'm sure you have seen the elastic headbands and ponytail holders that are sold now.  It's kinda crazy, they are sold for $3-5 for 4 elastics or 4 headbands.  I got two headbands out of each package, and it was 79 cents.  Better part?  These were super good quality. A little thicker, nice for headbands, not as great for ponytail holders.
Figuring out this morning, this is what I wanted to blog about, there was a little sadness that I didn't have some adorable models to show off the headbands.  But, luckily, I have a head, and I have a ton of hair.  So, I will do.  But focus on the head band.  It stays tight, without slipping around, even when you have a lions mane.  And this thing is comfortable.


  • Cut the 1 yard of fold over elastic in half...so that's 18"
  • Right sides together, sew together with a zig zag stitch
  • Finish it off by sewing a straight stitch on each side of the zig zag. (Why???? it helps secure something that really stretches, make it strong)
  • Turn inside out, and put in your hair.
  • DONE!

So easy, so cheap, so perfect.  I love easy things, especially when they are cute, and useful.

Okay....I had to show something else I pulled together this weekend.  This head band is adorably cute.  It's an 18 1/2" strip of twill, covered with a white stretch elastic.  So comfortable, and even looks a little dressy.  It was super easy to put together.  I just wrapped the lace around the twill, and did a straight stitch around each edge.  So Simple.  Then, I used a soft elastic to join the two ends.

I honestly loved this, because it was kinda serendipity.  I went to the fabric store to get something else, and found this lace on the clearance table.  Then the idea for this headband came to me.  And it is cuter than the idea I originally had.  When those things happen, I love it.  Like it's meant to be.

Questions?  Ask me in the comments..

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