Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to work....

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Finally, I have started thinking about quilting again.  Right now, I am printing out templates for my next series of quilts.  Yes, I said series.  I am hoping to pull myself together and make a "seasons" quilt collection.

My inspiration?  You guessed it....pictured above is a shape.  I love the shape of that tag, and I am working  a similar shape into these 4 quilts.  I am excited to start again, and I am pretty happy because these quilts will be so easy for people to make.  Easy to make, display, and finish.

As, I am pondering on how to make them, I have to think about my instructions.  What will be the easiest instructions, the best way to make this understandable....and what really comes to my mind is freedom.  I love that quilters have freedom in making the quilt their own.  I am thinking of making mine a wool/cotton hybrid.  But, I think it would also be fabulous with only cottons.  And, what about the method of applique?  Raw edge, needle turn, machine applique....all of them work.  

I learned from writing my first book, that publishers want  precise directions (down to the color to choose in a quilt), and I prefer to use vague directions (so people feel free to make their own choices).  So, when you read instructions on quilt making, I hope you open your mind.  Adjust things, change a method, do your own thing.  It's okay to be different, it's GREAT to be different.

Now go make something!  I know I will.


  1. Okay, I'm counting on you.. you say easiest instructions. I'm good at reading instructions, and I'm a new quilter. If I can do this.. anyone can. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind, because that shape is WoWZA fantastic, and I love, love it.. but it looks a bit difficult.

  2. thats so interesting because I was just looking at your book trying to decide which quilt to make for baby Nash and I was thinking "wow these types of material are super specific" and my next thought was "that doesn't seem like Sarah." I was right. You want me to be my own kind of creative but I will probably still need your help.