Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moving Slow.....

Yes, I have started working on more sewing projects.  I am moving at an incredibly SLOW pace.  Way too slow.  What is inhibiting me?  Well, those lovely guys shown above take up a fair amount of my time.  This motherhood thing can take all your free time if you let it (insert small chuckle).  Honestly,  I am loving motherhood, and I am happy to put off my projects to enjoy moments like the one above.  Oh, the joy of watching my kids enjoy each other.  It is precious and perfect.  One of my big dreams for my family is for my kids to love each other, to want to be around each other, and to be on the same team.  We certainly aren't there all the time (as I am writing this I am breaking up squabbles), but I love the shining moments of joy.  Ahhhh, deep breath.

Also taking my time was a little rearranging in our home.  Shopping has taken up quite a bit of my time.  I am serious.  And no, I don't love shopping.  I wish I did!

Yeah, in true Sarah fashion, I had to re-do something in my house at the start of the new year. Luckily, this year, it isn't anything major.  Just rearranging.   What did we do?

Well, in order to create a more orderly life, I think having one of our computers downstairs will help us.  Help with calendaring, emails, etc.  It's a challenge to be with the kids downstairs, and be working on "work" upstairs.  To move the computer downstairs we needed a spot.  

Well, we have a little cove in the kitchen (previously occupied by the hutch in the picture below) where a computer would work.  But, then we had to move the hutch.....where?  Into the living room, which we turned into a dining room/piano room.  We got rid of our couches, had to get a new kitchen table ($300, thanks to the Sharp's from Craig's List), and got a new desk from Costco.  So, the pictures below are from the new dining room/piano room.  I would LOVE to show you the new computer area...but alas, the desk we got from Costco was broken out of the box.  NO more desks were left.  More shopping.  I found a desk from JCPenney and it is on its way.

Maybe after we get the desk in there I can work a little faster to show you something FUN!

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  1. I call those moving and updating - growth. Like when insects grow - they throw the old skin out and get new skin. I've also having growing pains. I'm trying to get my quilting books in one shelf and out of my sewing room, cook books in another, get rid of book shelves in my sewing room - and move it all around. We just outgrow our spaces. I'd love to say someday - "well, in my studio in the back yard!!" But that is dreaming!!