Friday, August 14, 2015 Clip Boards

Getting our home to look the way I want it to is a work in progress.  It takes time and money, and if I had either one in abundance I think it might be done already.  But alas, I have constraints (like most people) on both.  

Pinterest is such a life saver, whenever I need some inspiration, I do a little search on pinterest, and my creative juices start to flow.    This time, I needed some inspiration for our game room upstairs...well the hallway around the game room.  Off I went to pinterest and found this:

Super Cute.  She used her clipboards for beautiful prints to match her kitchen, I'm thinking a little more playful, and maybe as time goes on, a place to display the art my kids create.

We cut the wood, sanded it, and I stained it with that stuff.  It's a stain and poly in one.  I only did one coat, because well, I can't imagine it needs the protections of more coats, and I didn't want them any darker.

Attaching the hardware.  This was really difficult.  ha ha.. Just kidding.  Unlike the cute blogger before me, I did attach the clips with screws.  I can't help it.  The idea of glueing them made me imagine re-glueing them (kids are not known to be gentle), and I'm not into that.  

This is how it's done.  Measure where you want the clips ( I did 1 1/4" from the top, and 3 1/2" from each side).  Then using the screws pictured above, I put the screw through the back hole of the clip, and used my power drill (kinda sideways), and drilled it in as far as I could.  Then, I used my actual hands, and a manual screw driver, and turned the last few turns.  I had to use a skinny screw driver to fit through the top hole, but luckily we have every type of tool known to man (just kidding, my husband wants way more tools than we have).  

This is the finished product.  They are pretty cute.  I can't wait to get them up, and when I do, for sure I'll show you.  (And you can guarantee I'll put the up with command strips...those things rock).

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  1. I can't wait to see the next step! Your creativity is just so amazing.