Friday, August 7, 2015

Boys Room Decoration

Last summer I spent a few days and painted all the kids rooms.  But, then the decorating stopped.  We had vacations, and budget restrictions. happened, and then I didn't get to decorating again until

Here's my little boys room.  When we were picking out themes for rooms, the beach theme was not a "thing" at the time.  And my cute kiddo saw whale stuff, and he knew that's what he wanted.  Here's what we pulled together.

The whale wall.  
1.I saw something like this on pinterest.  I did my own take on it, but here's how I did it.  Painted the whole wall the light blue.  Let it dry overnight.  
2.  cut vinyl in that pattern you want.  
3.  Paint the next layer.

Yes...this takes some thought and planning.  Actual image vs outline of image, etc.... But, it's really quite easy.

Over The Bed

1.  Canvas prints, and a cute what cut out (target), starfish (Michaels), and a fun paddle (found at the thrift shop).  The paddle painting idea I found on pinterest.   I have to say.  I tried a few different methods, just kinda diving in.  The best method was spray painting.  Every other method seemed to have more flaws than perks.

 Window Wall
This was my favorite...because it took about 30 minutes.  Go to HomeGoods...and pick up a few clearance items.  $30 for both of these goodies.  Not too shabby.  Thanks.

And now, I'm finally done with this room.  What really surprised me,  as I was working on this cute boys room, my oldest boy asked me why I haven't decorated HIS room.  Sometimes I think teenagers (especially boys) don't really care.  But, they do.    His room is next......

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