Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After getting my super cute business cards printed from I had to make a business card holder to take care of them.

I found a great tutorial on The Crafty Cupboard.

The only real difference with mine, is I used laminated fabric as the outer fabric.  Yes, a little hard to work with, but it will stay cleaner.  And, we all know that mothers with 4 little children need all help we can get.  ALL THE HELP!!!!! ( am I getting this children have been messy lately, breaking more things than I would like to say, but at least I can protect some all important business cards)

Okay, to not scare you off, I have to say this project took me 1 hour.  That is it.  I was even acting as a parenting referee for part of the time, and trying to get dinner on the table.  If I can do it, you can!

All my supplies.

I marked the center to put my button in by folding 
the fabric in half.  You probably didn't need that explanation,
but someone did...and this is for them!

Showing all the layers, ready to go...yep, that is a
red hair elastic for the clasp.

Maybe it is just me, but sewing on laminated fabric,
especially Moda's is challenging.  It is thick, and 
doesn't glide well.  Oh well, the seams were almost perfect.

Clip those edges.  I almost always forget to do this 
before I turn the edges.

The finished project.  Everything looks
way better after a good ironing (on the non-laminated
side of course)


Open....those are my cute cards inside.

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