Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schnibbles Times Two Book Review

Schnibbles Times Two

What a fun book.  Do you love layer cakes and charm packs?  Do you wish you knew what to do with layer cakes and charm packs?  I know we all love these little bundles of love.  We adore the variety of fabric we get with each bundle.  Ahhh the joy.

Here's the perfect book for those of us who love the variety of these fabric packs.  There are twelve patterns, each given with two varieties.  One pattern for a 10" layer cake, and one pattern for the 5" charm packs.  

Each pattern is adorable.  Seriously adorable!  I know there are some books that have beautiful patterns...and then some patterns we know we will never make.  Not in this book.  Each pattern draws you in, and makes you think of how you could make it, and who it would be perfect for.  I can't wait to get started on some myself. 

Go check it out on Amazon....I know you will love it!

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