Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Dirt Retreats

Have you ever thought to yourself,
"I would love to have a quilting get away, where I can learn, grow, relax, sew, get stuff finished, and eat yummy food." ?

Well, look no further. Come with me to Red Dirt Retreats.  Where????  
In the foothills of the La Sal mountains near Moab, UT.

See the accommodations here.

I will be teaching a number of my quilt patterns from my book, Fast, Flirty, and Fun.  You'll get to relax and learn all at the same time.  Plus, the food, the fabulous food!  Yum.  

Plus, the joy of being in the mountains.  What could beat it?  Nothing.

September 9-September 12th of this year.


Being with ME...
Priceless. (ha ha ha)

Seriously, Come, it will be so fun.  
Do you live far away?  Me to, so I am flying in.  How great is that, you can fly to Moab....who knew?    Nothing can stop us now!


  1. MAN, I wish I could go!!! I just ordered your book and took my 1st quilt class this week :) But, it looks like we'll be doing IVF in Sept so no traveling :( But hopefully we have a new baby in the house soon!!

  2. It is high time you taught something in AZ Missy!!!

  3. Looks beautiful and sounds like fun. And, an excellent price and opportunity. Unfortunately, I can't make it. But I will let others know. And, I hope that this will be repeated in future years. I'd love to be able to attend sometime (next year?).