Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Quarter Shop has Great Customer Service...

I recently made a big purchase of fabric for kits for my classes at Red Dirt Retreats.  It was such a fun thing to buy fabric for lots of quilts.  I love fabric shopping.  The Fat Quarter Shop was a very pleasant online marketplace.  I made my order, used a fabulous coupon, got free shipping, and was very pleased with myself.

The order came.  I went through it all with excitement.   Uh oh.  I noticed I got 1 yard of the fabric above, instead of 2.  Oops.  I called to sort it out.  I have to say, these guys have learned that a problem is really an opportunity, and they have made a permanent customer out of me.   Not only did they correct my order, they went the extra mile by sending me a little extra, and they didn't charge me for the 1 yard piece they originally sent.  Every interaction I have had with them has been great, they even gave me 20% off my order....even though I didn't give them the code until 6 hours after I placed the order.

It's always nice to find a place to buy fabric you can trust.  I trust The Fat Quarter Shop.  Go check them out!!!!!

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