Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial v.1

Simple Knot

Recently my ward spent an evening tying quilts, and since we were tying knots, the subject came up. I showed many of the women this simple way to tie a knot, and I was surprised to find that none of them had seen this method. Since then, I have wondered how many people would benefit from some simple knowledge.

I know there are questions many crafters have about various methods of doing tasks, but may feel "stupid" asking them. I hope you will all feel comfortable asking these questions to me, and to each other.

Here's a video of me tying this simple knot. There's no sound, so don't worry about hearing anything.

Holding the threaded needle in your right hand, and the end of the thread in your left hand, wind the thread around the needle at least 4 times (more times=bigger knot). Keeping the thread tightly wound, hold the needle and the wound thread firm as you push the needle through the thread, until you form a knot.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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