Friday, February 26, 2010

Sneak Peak

from the quilt "birthday bash"

Here's a couple sneak peaks at what is coming in my book.  I am getting so excited to share my designs and my love of quilting with everyone.    

After having my sweet baby, my time has been spent loving, nursing, and snuggling.  I am hoping as he continues to grow, I can start devoting more time to this other love of mine.  And, in the process, I hope to help others find a love of quilting.

That said, I am instituting a new weekly segment to answer questions about quilting.   I will showcase techniques to simplify and improve quality.  So, what questions do you have? 

One more little thing...  
I have finally submitted my class ideas to the Utah Quilt Guild for this upcoming Quilt Fest  (yea, I checked something off the list).  Now, here comes the waiting and seeing if they choose my class ideas!  Check out this website for more information.  If you live in the Utah area, consider going to quilt is awesome!  And, if we're all lucky, you can take one of my classes (the two quilts pictured, are the two classes I submitted).

I must say, as a testimonial, that my first Quilt Fest changed my perspective on quilting.  I learned, I was inspired, and I won a lot of booty.  The first few years I went to quilt fest, I still lived in sunny Detroit, MI.  If it wasn't great, I certainly wouldn't have spent 4+ hours flying to UT.  Now, I live in AZ, and I still make the trek.  All this to say, come to Quilt FEST!

from the quilt "cocoa cakewalk"

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