Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project Linus

Saturday morning we had an eagle project we really wanted to participate in, making blankets for Project Linus.  Project Linus provides blankets for children in hospitals.  Ever since I started making quilts, I have heard of Project Linus, and loved the idea of it.  When my own dear Liz was bit by a rattlesnake, and was in the PICU, my heart was warmed to see a quilt wrapped beautifully on her bed.  I know now, these quilts really do go to sweet little ones in need, and each time I look at that quilt I feel little tugs at my heart.

Anyway, we didn't make quilts this time, instead fleece blankets.  First thing in the morning while my boys (minus the baby) were helping friends move, the girls worked to make blankets.  We trimmed, cut, and tied these beauties.  The girls were such great helpers, it warmed my heart to see them happily learning new skills while helping someone in need, and I was so proud of them.

As our blankets reach someone who is clearly having less than a stellar day, I hope the recipient can feel the love of a couple strangers.

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  1. Hi Sarah, its Amber, Brittney Berry's sister. I work with the University of Utah Blood and Marrow Transplant Team. Whenever one of our patients gets a transplant at the U hospital or at Primary Childrens they are given a quilt that is donated by the community. I have watched time and time again patient's faces light up when they see these quilts. I think it is so great what you are doing and if you ever know anyone who wants to donate some let me know. I know it really helps these patients through a very difficult time. You are amazing!