Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Workin' It

Tuesday is my work day.  Where I get a little time to do my creative stuff, to write the blog, etc.  Ooops, today was full of meetings, and caring for a sick little dude.  But, here I am writing this blogpost in the Orthodontist Office.  I kinda love modern technology.

On Saturday, I got to spend a little time making parts of the block from A Flair for Fabric.  Working with fabric is my favorite.  All the planning and cutting, let's me get to spend a little time doing my favorite part.  I love seeing the colors coming together, I love the feel of the cotton.  I love it. 

A few Flying Geese

Marking lines, and making matches takes more time than you might imagine.  And yet, it's still pretty fun.

And, this,…Floor Quilt?  I learned about this while I was at Quilt Fest in Sept.  It was a little hard for me to wrap my mind around this idea.  Basically, you modge podge fabric to a linoleum remnant. My little piece was painted black earlier, but I have a feeling my fabrics call for a lighter color.  Saturday I spent some time repainting this, and then I'll get cracking on putting it together.

Are you interested?  Concerned?  Want to do one?

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