Thursday, January 15, 2015

My mission....and new posts

The whole reason I got started with writing books about quilting, and blogging about quilting, was to share my love of this art, hobby, etc...  Even while writing my book, I felt SOOOO uncomfortable telling people what colors to use in their quilt.  Too often, I think quilters look at someone else's quilt, and want to duplicate it.  But, what I have always wanted to share, is to have quilters branch out.  Try the same pattern with completely different fabrics.  Maybe switch the values around...have the darks be lights, and lights be darks.  Just mix it up.  Try new things and don't be afraid of it.   What if you do mess up?  No's fabric.  My best lessons were from failures, from quilts and quilt blocks that just didn't work.

In the next year, I have a mission, to inspire others to break out of their box.  Every so often, I get electronic sample books from Martingale Publishing, to give book reviews.  But this year, my book reviews are going to be in depth.  I am going to make a block, a quilt, a little something from each book.  But, not just make it, but make it MY WAY.  Trying new things, switching it up a bit, being myself.   And, hopefully, showing other quilters, how to take patterns and make them into something unique and personal.

Join me on this journey, and let's see what happens.  Let's see how many crazy things I do,  what mistakes will I make, and what successes will I experience?  What will you learn along the way, and how will you change your quilting creativity because of it?  I would love for others to join me on this journey, share how you have tried things in your own way.  I would LOVE that so so so much.

Today, I started cutting out the fabric to review this book, A Flair for Fabric.  I thought it the perfect book to start with, since it's all about the love of fabric, and how to make a variety of quilts from a variety of quilters.  

Here's the beginning, let's see where this takes us.

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