Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For the love of a baby

I'm sure we all have them, those friends, the ones that are near and dear to our hearts.  You know, the ones that no matter what, you would do anything for them.  The ones you have grown up with.  The ones, that even though you may not talk to in way too long, they are still your best friends?

Well, one of my best friends, just had her very first baby.  This baby is certainly an answer to prayers, and I can't wait to meet her.  When I found out my sweet friend had her baby, I was so excited.  And then I also felt sad, I hadn't finished the quilt in time.  Lots of things have been filling my time lately, and well, I just put it on the back burner.


For this baby quilt I used one of the blocks I designed for Quiltmakers 100 Block's, called Traveling Eddie.  It's a fun little block, and it can be used a bunch of different ways.  But here it is, a sweet baby girl version.

The quilting on this had to be a little more special. I don't know why, but a baby that took a some extra time in getting here, needed a quilt that took a little extra time in the making.  I tried some quilting that I have never done before, and I quilted pebbles all over the white parts in this quilt (hoping to make the quilt pop).

For the colored portions, straight lines...I love the juxtaposition of lines and circles.  It's a weird thing about me, but I love it.

It really was fun to try some new stuff quilting, and while it did take me a little extra time to get this quilted, it was definitely a labor of love.  I'm so happy I can make these for my friends.  I hope each time I give a quilt, the person on the receiving end can feel my love for them.  Sometimes it is hard living away from many of my friends and all my family, but when I give a quilt away, I feel a little closer to my loved ones.  Like I have given them a little piece of my heart to always be with them (they already have a little piece of me anyway, why not have a quilt to show for it).

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