Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chevron Table Topper

I wanted to make my very own take on the chevron quilt with the latest chevron craze.  Because this is a totally different method for making chevron quilts, I wanted to start out with a small quilt.  Now I have a very nice and pretty table topper for my home.  The nice thing about this table topper is that it works for any time of year; Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.  Pulling out the colors for the season, and decorating with those.  

I really had fun making this little gem, and I thought I'd pass on the fun to you.  Below is the method of how I made it.    Have Fun!!!


30 Charm pack squares (5" squares)
1/2 yard white 
1/3 yard binding fabric

Cutting Instructions
Making the Chevrons
1.  Cut each  5 " square in half.
2.  With right sides facing each other, cut the corners off the charm strip, at a 45 degree angle. (24 chevrons for quilt middle, remaining six fabrics for border strips)

3. Cut 11 strips 2 1/2" strips of white fabric, for the top and bottoms of the chevrons and for the borders
For 9 strips, cut shape pictured.  Using the 45 degree angle on the ruler, cut the diagonal, and cut the straight line, 2 1/2" from the shortest point.  Cut  36 of these white shapes.

Save the other two strips for the borders.

4. Cut 2, 2 1/2" strips for between the chevron blocks
Cut the end of the strip at a 45 degree angle.  From that edge, cut 1" strips

5.Cut 3, 1" strips for the chevron blocks 

6.Cut 1, 2 1/2" square


1. Organize the chevrons in a visually pleasing pattern.  Then sew the corresponding white strips to the colored parallelograms.

For each top and bottom chevrons, sew the trapezoid white strips.  Press toward the colored fabric.  

For each middle chevron, sew the 1" white strips to each long side of the parallelogram.  Press towards the colored fabric.

2.  Sew the left side of the chevron strip together, and press.  Sew the right side of the chevron strip together, and press.

3.  Making sure to match the points of each chevron, sew the matching chevron strips to each other, and press.  Continue with each chevron strip.

Making the Chevron blocks

1.  The chevron strips might be different lengths.  Trim each to 11 1/2".
2.  Sew a 1" white strip to both sides of the outside chevron strip.  Press towards the chevron strip.  Sew the other chevron strip to the outside chevron strip, (making sure the chevrons are going the same direction).  And press.  Trim edges to make even.
3.  Repeat for all chevron blocks.

Sewing the Quilt Top together

1.  Sew chevron blocks together, using the white 2 1/2" square in the middle of the quilt.  Use the inset seam method to piece the blocks together.

Border Strips

1. Piece the Border strips together in the same manner as the chevron strips.  However, piece only one side of the chevron strip together, and for the bottom white trapezoid use 2 1/2" strip cut on the 45 degree angle.

2.  Sew border strips to the quilt top, taking care to line up the chevron lines together.

1.  Quilt and bind as desired.


  1. I love this!!! Your tutorial is great too!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Any news on when your next book will be published? Your first one is about worn out at my house :-)