Friday, April 25, 2014

Birthday Celebration Little Girl Aprons

Birthday plans are sprouting at our house.  I have a little one turning 10, and since we have a friend party every EVEN birthday, it's her time to celebrate.  After 2 weeks of her pondering what to do for her party, we finally decided on a party at home decorating cupcakes.  For the past few years I have been encouraging my children to have their parties at other know, a tea party at a restaurant, pizza party at Peter Piper Pizza's,  pool parties, etc...  In the past I have gone a little too crazy for birthday parties, and having the parties at other locations helps me from making homemade backpacks, and other goodies.

Well, this party is at home, which means I might be getting a little crazy.  As I was thinking about how to make this party special, I thought each little girl should have their own apron to decorate cupcakes.  We are on a bit of a budget, so I just raided my giant stash of fabric to make these little aprons.

Here's how I made my aprons.  To be completely honest, I think mine are a tad small. They don't really look small on my cute little girl, but in a year or two it might be.  So, you may want to change the measurements to fit your needs.

The bottom measures 15" and the top measures 7".  I made it these measurements to get the most out of the fabric we had.  So, ponder your needs and adjust accordingly.

As far as the trim, I had this cute fun mini pom pom trim.  I used it just like ribbon, and I found it was much softer than the ribbon I had, so it would be more comfortable around the neck.  Yep, just using what we have is the name of the game.

This picture shows how I measured the fabric.  I marked the cutting mat because the marking on the fabric was too hard to see.  

I debated what to do next....a  rolled hem, or just line the apron with ribbon, or put a binding around the whole thing.  

I decided on the rolled hem (gotta love that awesome presser foot, it does everything for you). I decided on this because I thought it would make the apron more durable and less likely to fray. 

Here's the finished product.  It's pretty darn cute.  (Don't mind that quilt I'm working on at the same time.  Piles of blocks waiting to come together.   I'm doing what I can, one moment at a time.)