Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keep it Organized!

When you are sewing a quilt together, there are blocks and blocks, rows and rows.  In a quilt like I made the other weekend, where there is definitely a right and wrong order, being organized is essential.

In the past, I have used post-its to mark the blocks.  This time, I just used a pencil, and marked directly on the fabric.  I kept my rows in order, the blocks going the right way, everything turned out perfect.  THE FIRST TIME.  No unpicking necessary.  That is nice.  I am not immune to making mistakes. This time though...thinking ahead, and being organized totally payed off.

Don't fear, organize yourself, write directly on the fabric.  Then, you can stack up all your sewing at once, and get to work, and get that quilt done.

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