Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

What do you do during March Madness?  

Yesterday I spent the day in my PJ's working on this little number, while watching my bracket take a few hits.

As soon as I set foot into my sewing room (which is looking a little crazy right now...), my kiddos all promptly came in to work on their own crafts.  Noah started pulling all the pillow stuffing into small little balls, Lizzy wanted me to show her how to make her own purse, and Maddie started making doll clothes.  Then, Mitchell came in...he's too much of a boy to really want to sew something, but he wanted to be my cutter...and cut all the thread that tied my sewing together.
It's fun that my kids are with me, ALL THE TIME! 
I am blessed.

And I don't get much accomplished,(you might be able to relate).

That is...until Bj took them to fly kites.

Then I could pull this together for a sweet friend.  Shhhhhh....don't tell.

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  1. Very cute!! My kids do the same thing and when they are working on things right on top of me they are fighting in the other room, lol. It is amazing how much can be accomplished in a short amount of time because that is all moms are able to get :) Cute quilt.