Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is Quilting?

Someone asked me the other day about Quilting....like what is it? So, I will give you all the terms of quilting, so you can seem like a quilting genious... 

To answer...the picture above is a quilt. It has a front and a back, and in the middle is batting (the batting can be cotton, poly, wool, bamboo, etc......), and it is finished off by the binding (around the edges).

Below is a picture of the actual....QUILTING...these are the stitches.  You can quilt in whatever pattern you can draw.  Scrolls, butterflies, spaceships, planets, flowers, lines, etc....  You can do anything.  But, it is better if you can pick a pattern where the lines are continuous.

Now....if you want more info...keep reading.  If you are satisfied...STOP!    
Some people think that if you have a machine that quilts, that the machine just quilts for you.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  I do all my own quilting, it is a challenge for me.  As much as I love quilting, this is the part where I stress out a little.  So, no...I don't push a button, and then out comes a quilt.  
 I have to roll this baby up, make it fit in the machine, and then I have to move it all around to achieve the desired result (and sometimes the result is not as I imagined).

Hopefully, you feel like you know a quilt a little better.....

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  1. I know it. I have more than one top waiting to be quilted but quilting in a domestic sewing machine is a great challenge. Nevertheless it's always rewarding when we finally do it.