Thursday, February 2, 2012

I had a number of goals at the start of the new year.  Some goals will hopefully make me a better person, and some goals...will just help me get something done.  One of the goals was to blog at least once a week.  It is nice to know I have already failed that goal...less pressure for the future.  Oh wait, I mean I will work harder in the future.

Well, another one of those goals was organizing my sewing room.  At the end of last year, it seriously looked like a tornado was trapped in that room.  Christmas didn't help, I was constantly trying to make new gifts, but without the time to clean up what I was working on.  

So, after the new year I went to work.  I started with buying more shelves.  I hope that getting more shelves, means that I can be more organized, and have a place for the things I am working on.  You can BARELY see the shelves I bought in the second picture, on the right hand side.  They are just the little cube shelving you build yourself, and the blue baskets/boxes...they are from the 99cent store.

After two...yep, it took me two full days, the task was done.  No, I didn't make it look pretty, but it is functional, again.  

This is the view from the doorway....a  lot less cluttered.  I know a before shot would be nice, but I just couldn't take pictures of what it looked like (the horror).  Just imagine bins full of fabric, quilts, and batting.  I am not proud of this.

I look at this picture, and I am not impressed, it really doesn't look clean, but it is.  I promise.  The only thing I didn't do was clean up those shelves full of fabric.  And, just because I want to brag....that quilt hanging over the chair is done...DONE.  It only took a year. I know, I am awesome.

Oh, the closet.  If you only knew what a mess it was before.  This is amazing now.  The shelves line one wall, the bins above hold finished quilts, and there is room to walk in it.  Ahhh, the joy of clean living.

Okay, so the clean up effort didn't result in magazine worthy organization, or beautiful containers, or any inspiration worthy of "Where Women Create,"  but this is my actual workplace, where I create.

And, today.... I actually quilted, for 2 hours.  
Small victories.

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  1. That is a great victory! Just being able to be in a space that is organized that you don't feel stressed about one thing or another. I bet it felt wonderful to quilt for 2 hours. :o) Enjoy!