Monday, August 3, 2009


After I got this little "book" done, I have been busily nesting. The plan is to give you a couple of my nesting ideas in the next few posts.

Today's is a boppy slipcover. I found the instructions here. I made the pattern differently, by putting the zipper in the seam, instead of making it on the top/bottom of the boppy (I thought it would be more comfortable that way). This pattern took me about 30 minutes to prepare, and then about 1 hour to actually sew. I love that I got to choose the fabric (from my happy stash of fabric), and that I didn't have to pay a billion dollars for the moderately cute boppy covers the manufacturer prepares.

Now I am off to work on these.....


  1. Oh! I love the boppy cover!

    What's the ETA for your book?

  2. The ETA is June '10. The publisher has the ball in their court for now, and they are putting together the editing schedule, and all that jazz. How fun. I am just as happy as a clam that my little portion of the project is done for the moment.

  3. That must be such a relief to have your work done for now and concentrate on the impending arrival of the new little guy!

    I can't wait for your book. If I could pre-order it today on amazon, I would!! (I actually searched for it, just in case =)

    Sounds like you're feeling good these days?

  4. So fun!! I was sewing like crazy getting ready for Easton. It really is a great time and makes you that much more excited:) Enjoy!