Thursday, August 6, 2009

nesting 2

In the book there is a pattern for some super cute burp cloths. I made a ton, and then I sent them off to the publisher. Now, that I have a month to get ready for little Noah, and I want to do lots of quilts, and other fun homemade things, I decided to simplify my burp cloths, and make them sans fun wool applique. After I finished making all these burp rags, I think I counted 20+ burp cloths. Hmmm, slightly more than I think I might need. Bj laughed at me, and then we decided it would be a great idea to start a "baby gifts" pile, that I can draw from when needed.

I made two with fabric covering the whole front of the burp cloth, and one which covers the end of the front and back. For the two sided burp cloth I used this tutorial...

Yesterday I came down with a less than pleasant cold. I spent the day in bed (compliments of all my kiddos being in school). Can I tell you, this little baby spent the day moving, grooving, and kicking me all day. All his moving reminded me that he really is coming, and soon. As each day passes, I get more and more excited to meet him. To know him, to cuddle him, and to get my body back (yes, I miss being able to lay flat on my back). So, each of these fun nesting projects brings me one day closer to using them on my sweet little Noah.


  1. super cute! do you sew a piece of fabri that is the size on 1 side of the burp cloth? after i wash the burp cloth for 1st time the top and bottom edges are very uneven. hoe to you deal with this when sewing. yours look like a perfect rectangle.

    can't wait to buy the book.

    angela davidson

  2. Prewashing and preshrinking the fabric is important. Have you tried that?