Thursday, April 23, 2015

Creative Eye Thursday -The New Hexagon by Katja Marek

Picking this book to review was a bit of a challenge.  The blocks are fun.  Everything is perfect, but let's be honest, hand piecing?  I have never done hand piecing before.  And as much as I would like to say I am a patient woman, let's be honest, that's not by best trait.

When Mark Lipinski came out with his slow stitching movement, I was intrigued, and I back him whole heartedly, and I love the idea.  But, that's just not where I am right now.  And that's okay.  (My stitching still seems pretty slow with the 20 minutes I get to work on stuff here and there). Here are some of the goodies in this book.

If you wanted to join the slow stitching movement, this is totally the book for you.  The funniest part of this for me was picking the block to make, it took a minute.  I finally picked the block I like the best, and then I looked at the name.  Sarah.  Seriously?  Why didn't I just look at all the names of the blocks, and then pick my name.  That could have saved me some time.    But, in the end it seemed like it was meant to be...if making a block can be meant to be.

It took about 1 hour to prep the block. Then the next day, I really had very little time.  I had appointments all morning, and watching kids, and driving carpool.  The nice thing about sewing by hand, is that I could take the block with me wherever I went.  I started at the park.  During my 5 year olds learning time I threw in a couple stitches, and then couple more stitches during the daily drive.

Here's the finished block.  I loved as I pieced it together, that my 5 year old genuinely and seriously said: "That is a really cute block."  That's a pretty great compliment, even if I say so myself.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the review.
    Maybe now that you've tried one, you'll have fallen in love with the portability as well as the fulfilment that hand-piecing in the form of English Paper Piecing can bring. The glue basting does make things much more do-able for a young mom on the go and it's great for in front of the TV when you want to visit with your partner but still want something to keep your hands busy.

  2. It looks fabulous. Only 51 more to go, and you'll have made every block in the book. Lol. Glad your 5 year old approved!

  3. Hand Piecing is pretty fun. I did really enjoy being able to do a little piecing while I was on the go. And I'm on the go all the time. And, quiltmania, you're right. Only 52 more to go. PIECE of cake. Thanks so much for chiming in!

  4. It was meant to be Sarah lol
    Do join us on Facebook on the group page and make a few more!