Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creative Eye Thursday - Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart

Martingale, 2014; used by permission. Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved

If you are a new quilter, or a seasoned quilter who is looking for something quick and beautiful to put together in a jiffy, this book is for you.  Every quilt is adorable.  Seriously so cute.  I know there are times for me, I just need to make a quilt for a kid, a loved one, a short amount of time {like yesterday}. This quilt book is for those times, when you need a super cute quilt in a hurry.  If you are new to quilting, this book will teach you a ton of the basics in quilting, and you will be able to make some awesome quilts (which is sometimes difficult when you are new).

Here are some of the goodies in the book.
Martingale, 2014; used by permission. Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved

Fun.  Simple.  Perfect.  

As I was looking to see which quilt block I would make, I came across this quilt.

I love this quilt.  It really is just a variation on a pinwheel block, a block I tend to love.  I also enjoy that the instructions were clear and fun to follow.  It used PRECUTS, which I am a big fan of.  Less cutting for me = a happier me.  I also enjoy the fast piecing and cutting methods.  Totally my style.

I pulled out my STACK of precuts and picked out a few choice squares, cut a few white and gray squares and rectangle.  

Lower right hand corner = my favorite way of sewing. Sew, slice, and make life easy.  YES!

After a day of sewing, this is what I pulled together.  Making more than one block meant I could make this into a little girls baby quilt.  Lately, because its the  7th anniversary of our stay in the hospital with Lizzy, I have been having feelings like I should make all these quilt blocks into quilts for Project Linus.  Showing up to that hospital and being greeted with a handmade quilt, well, it touched my heart in a way I couldn't have anticipated.  I have made a few quilts for Project Linus, but maybe a few needs to turn into a few hundred (I digress a bit...).  Anyway......

So here's my little quilt...with my little quilt blocks.  What colors would you choose?  I pondered going way back in time, and doing some nice reds and browns....but the baby quilt part made me use pinks and grays.  MADE ME.  ha ha.

Have a super day.  And get some sewing done.  You know you want to.

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