Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making A Floor Quilt

A few months ago I went to Utah to attend the guilds Quilt Fest.  It's always fun to go and learn new things.  This year I signed up for the Floor Quilt class.   This a totally new concept for me..  here is what I learned.

What is a floor quilt?  So, really, it is like a rug. Or a mat.

How do you make one?

1.  Get a piece of linoleum. You can find scraps at floor places.  Get which ever size works best for you.

2.  Paint the back side of the linoleum, and paint it with whichever color suits your floor quilt.

3. Figure out the pattern you want for your floor quilt.  

4.  Use a wonder under or heat and bond on your fabric. Cut your pattern from your wonder under pieces.

5.  Use Mod Podge to adhere pieces to linoleum.  Dilute modge podge to 3 parts modge podge to 1 part water.  And place on the linoleum.  Using a foam brush will work well here.  put it on front and back.

***Note.  there is no sewing here.  If you do sew your blocks together, there will be a bulkiness, and it might be weird.

6.  Put another few layers of Modge Podge over the top to make sure it is adhered well.

7.  Put another couple of layers of PolyAcrylic to protect the floor quilt.  DO NOT USE a foam brush for this part.  I did, and then I started noticing my brush was flaking all over the quilt, because the mode podge had made the fabric hard...hard enough to tear apart the brush.

8.  Let Dry.  Then place it in its rightful spot, and enjoy.

I plan on putting mine outside my door to my backyard. I know some people put it in their front entry, or do a different holiday one, or place it in the kitchen.  If you make one, I totally want to see what you do.

**Idea from Cindy Hutchison

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  1. I love the finished project. It turned out even cuter than I imagined. I love the way you arranged all your "seeds." Don't know if I'll ever make one, but at least I know how. And who to call for advice. Great job!