Saturday, June 7, 2014

True Love and New Adventures

Here's one of my newest quilts. This quilt took a long time to make.  It spent a long time in design stage, and an even longer time in the "make it" stage.  Having a family (and falling in love with a sweet baby/toddler/little boy) takes time away from quilting.

Anyway, I am super excited about my new adventure.  Instead of writing a whole new book,  this time I am going to be offering my quilts as downloadable PDF files from etsy.  I am really excited about this prospect, because you, as my customer, can get what you need, and focus on the quilts you actually want to make.  

The best thing, I get to start with one of my favorite quilts.  I loved making this quilt.  I loved the whole process.  I am drawn to stars.  I always have been, I think star patterns just call my name.  I also love the Joel Dewberry fabric.  Each time I worked on this quilt, my little quilters heart sang.  Oh how I loved everything about this.  

Thus the name, TRUE LOVE.  As I made it I thought about my True Love. Each quilt holds a little piece of my heart, and this one has a full measure of my LOVE.

Check it out!  Go to etsy and check out my new pattern and tell me what you think.

Maybe, you just might find your own "true love" quilt.

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