Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Paint....Kids rooms

For those of you who aren't invested in my daily life, this is my daily life during the school year:

Get up. Work out. Drive. Clean up.  Prepare all things for living with a family of 6. Preschool driving. Then spend 2 hours driving to pick up kids from various schools.  Then piano lessons, gymnastics, basketball practice, etc..  So yeah, I spend my days in a car.  Not the most productive time, and definitely hard to get time lumped together to get stuff done.

Let's be really honest here.  When school is in, I'm lucky to get an hour of free time.  Ever.  I know, I must be doing something wrong (like having my kids in all different schools on different sides of town).  

Anyway, schools out.  And you know what that meant for me?  Time.  Time free from driving.  Time, with hours - all in a row- to work.  I LOVE being productive.  It's my very favorite.  So, in two days, I painted 4 of my kids rooms.  Was it slightly insane?  yes.  Did I have help from my cute hubby.  Not so much, except for the help of him making dinner and caring for the sweet cherubs while I ignored them.

Here's how it started:

This is Lizzy's room, half way through.  All the rooms were painted white.  When we moved in, we painted the rest of the house.  It was hard work then.  I wanted to paint the kids rooms, but with everything we were doing, it just wasn't physically possible.  And then...time ate me up.  Lizzy wanted her room green and blue.  I worked hard to try to influence her on how she wanted it painted.  To no avail, she wanted green, then a white stripe, and blue on top.

We started with taping around the room, using a level as our line to follow.  Painted green on the bottom and then blue.  The kids actually "helped" a lot with this room.

 Here is the finished product.  Well, here's the paint.  I really want to decorate at some point.  I do have a vision.  But, I need more money an some time to pull it off.  But, at least this room is painted, and my Lizard feels like it is her special place.

Mitchell's Room:

The theme of his room is going to be travel.  His colors of his room are blue and orange (yep all the kids have the same blue in their rooms, with their own accent color).  

Here's Before:
yes, a little furniture heavy.  I would love to get a desk thats a little smaller to fit the room better, but this one is free.  so...yep, that's what he gets for now.

Mitchell After

Madeline's Room:
She's a full fledged teenager now.  She has a vision of what she wants her room to be, and it's flipping cute.  But first, all the walls are blue, with a red accent.

Madeline's Room after

She also made one chevron wall.  It is the window wall, which makes it terribly hard to photograph.  Just saying.  I found a fun tutorial about how to make the chevron.  It was pretty easy.  Just make a graph on the wall.  We divided the wall vertically into 4, then horizontally divided it into 6.  Drew those lines.  And then connected the intersecting points, by drawing a line from one point, to the other lines point one line up...does that make sense?  Anyway,  pretty awesome.  
Best part.  My two oldest worked on the grid part all day while I painted the other rooms.  Super helpful.

Noah's Room:
Pretty basic before shot.  Bed, clothes, and toys...there's like three in there.

He wanted to help.  I had to continually remind myself of our family theme during painting...
the purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship......
To make his whale wall this is what had to be done:
1. Paint the whole wall base color (our room, light blue)
2. Make wave template out of contact paper, and  place on the wall.  Make the line straight using a level or laser level.  Remember, to use the negative of the wave shape.

See...those are pretty cute waves...just cut them out free hand.

3.  Using my silhouette, I cut out a boat, and a whale with vinyl.  

The whale tale had to be navy blue, but the whale body had to be light blue.  That meant, there was some waiting time in between painting time.

4.  Enjoy your sweet kid who loves there room, and swims in the ocean there....

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