Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Each morning I spend a fair amount of time working away on my treadmill.  To make this time, fun, I love watching Netflix.  Another added bonus, I get inspiration for quilts, art, and decorating.

I know how much time we all spend scouring the internet, pinterest, and magazines for inspiration.  However, did you know that inspirational things are all around you?  One of my favorite quilts, was inspired by a door mat.  It's crazy all the fun patterns that are all around us.  If we open our eyes, and pay attention to what is in the background, we can all be inspired.

I love that as I watch my latest show, White Collar, the focus is on a lot of art.  LOVE THIS.  I get to see architecture, sculptures, painting, all while exercising and being entertained.  It's a win win.  So, when I see something that sparks my interest, I get off the treadmill and start taking pictures.  It just helps remind me of what seems fun to me.

Maybe these things won't actually amount to anything, but maybe they will.  It's possible their influence will be felt in my next quilt.  Or, in decorating my home.  Who knows, but at least it gets the creative juices flowing.

Go get inspired today!  Take a picture!

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