Sunday, May 11, 2014

10 Year Old Birthday Fun

My dear, newly turned 10 year old, had quite the fun birthday party last week. She wanted to have her friends over for dinner, for cupcake decorating,  and for playing games.  Quite honestly she asked for an 8 hour party.  Holy Hannah Batman.  I talked her down though. 

One huge desire of hers was to have the kids guess how many gumballs were in the jar.  Kinda funny this was such a big deal to her.  I love her sweet heart and quirky ways.

Here are our goodie bags.  Inside I had a homemade apron for each girl, their own decorating bag and tip, and some goodies to take home.

Ok.  I seriously loved this.  These boxes I got from a local gas station.  Yep, I saw some cupcake boxes at walmart, but didn't want to spend the money on that.  Then when I was at the gas station late at night, I saw these boxes.  I asked the employees how much it would cost, and if I could buy their boxes, and he gave me 11 for free.  I know it sounds funny, but I thought it was AMAZING.  So cute.  So I made some cute stickers to cover up their logo, and their girls had their own boxes to take home their cupcakes.

And here's what really happened at the party.  They spent three seconds decorating their cupcakes and then spend the rest of their time sucking down the frosting.  I have to admit, I had girls jumping up and down for hours.  This was in no way a calm get together.

Each sweet amazing girl got to pick the color for their frosting, and they really did have a blast decorating their cupcakes.  We had a wide variety of goodies to decorate the delicious cupcakes.

I sure love the chance I get to be a mom.  Hopefully these memories will last forever.

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