Friday, September 23, 2011

Here I am, in Provo, Utah at the Annual Quilt festival for the Utah Quilt guild.  I have gotten in trouble a few times today for my lack of awesome blogging.  Oops.  At least there is always room to improve, right?

Today I met some blog readers, and that was a treat.  Sometimes, I feel like no one is really out there in blog land, and it is fun to hear readers stories.  The woman I met today, is around my age (probably younger, I am getting to a ripe old age).  She became acquainted with quilting by reading my blog, which she found from my friend Summer...(thanks Summer for directing people my way).  Now, she has started quilting, and brought friends along for the ride, and I feel so excited.  Excited, because the whole point of me writing a quilting book was to help others to LOVE quilting.  It sends warm fuzzies all over my little heart to know I have made a difference in at least one persons life.

Now, I am preparing to return to my sweet family (thank you Facetime for letting me see them each night).   I can't wait to see my perfect little babies and the fabulous love of my life.  Yet, I am sad to leave my home state, the wonderful FALL weather, and the inspiration which surrounds me at Quilt Fest.  

There is always next year....


  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for that. I loved running into you. It was a thing like the world has a plan and it all just coincides for whatever reason... but I think that it was so I could tell you how much I appreciated your talent and that you put yourself out there for other people to enjoy. So thank you and thank you for being a mom and wife and a person because that is things that I share and I love not being the only person out there doing it even though no matter what I feel alone every once a moon. Here is a link to my personal blog -

  2. sorry I put the wrong blog for ya. This is the right one :)