Monday, April 4, 2011

Fighting the Funk

Have you ever been in a funk?    Where you find yourself stuck, unable to move forward, unable to progress, unable to improve?

I have been fighting a creative funk for sometime now.  I have been dreaming, drawing, and drafting my ideas to make them a reality.  But something small is preventing me from making my dreams into a reality.

This is my something small.  He's adorable, snuggly, full of personality, and oh sooooo needy.

The other day I was working on a digital card for a friend, I spent 2 hours on and off of the computer trying to get it done.  Each time I sat down, he would run to me with his arms up, asking to be held.  Once I had him, he wanted to run the computer.  

It is just THAT time.  The time he needs me.  After having 3 older kiddos, I know how fleeting babyhood is, I am a little less likely to power through these moments.  I give in, I hug and love him, and put off until later the creative things I want to do, and I spend my time and love on him.

I am getting precious little accomplished. 
 I am okay with that. 
Honestly, I couldn't be happier.

However, I am happy my book is inspiring others to learn to quilt. Thanks to Denise, for letting me actually put a stitch or two in her quilt, it was nice to get my hands on some fabric for a change.  


  1. You certainly have a precious reason to be in a quilting funk. He is truly a cutie. Those eyes are going to capture the hearts of many.

    I'm seeing quilt shops offering classes based on designs in your book, as well as quilters making beautiful quilts who are using your book to create quilts. You have given the quilting world a wonderful gift. Take time to relax and enjoy your lovely family. Your muse will inspire you to create very soon.


  2. You are ever so right.. they are only young once.. and when they are all grown up.. You will miss those snuggly days. They won't let you hug them and hold them without an AWWW MOM!! Enjoy the snuggles.. the stitching will wait. Perhaps while they sleep.. you can sketch and then make up for it later :)

  3. Hi... Just came across your blog thanks to your awesome book! Picked it up today at and am already feeling it.