Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get 'er done!

I don't know how you feel, but I have been needing some serious organization around here.

My kids have been "free range" children for too long.  

Of course, we have chores.  But, each day I feel so bad for asking them to do one more thing.  Yet, their rooms have been HORRIBLE.  Towels on the floor, beds a mess, clothes littering their rooms, and stuff....the stuff.

Enter...the CHORE CHART.  It's highly exciting, and it is actually working (so far).

What is on the chore chart?  Well, morning chores are pretty demanding: get dressed, eat, brush your hair, push your drawers in, etc...  You can see what a slave driver I am.

Afternoon chores (these are pretty difficult too): hang up your backpack, put your shoes away, etc... but there is the clean the sink, toilet, empty garbages, clean up backyard, and tidy room in there too.

The house is looking better.  And, maybe now I will have time to work on a little of this....


  1. I can totally relate. It seems every spring and fall I go through a organizing frenzy. :)

  2. I *so* need that. My kids are pretty good about doing stuff when I ask. But I always have to ask. And with an impending move across the country we really need to get thing together around here!